Rhinoplasty Related Procedures

Rhinoplasty Related Procedures

The Rhinoplasty Related Procedures are:

  • Genioplasty (through chin advancement or chin implant)
  • Mentoplasty

  • Genioplasty ( Chin Augmentation)

    Genioplasty can be performed by the use of a chin implant. The incision is preferably made under the lower lip inside the mouth, in order to avoid visible scars.

    In other cases, when a necklift is performed, a small external incision under the chin can be made.
    For this procedure, we use premolded silicon chin implants, imported and authorized by ANMAT.
    There are different sizes and shapes for each particular case and whether necessary, implants are tailor-made to meet the patients’ particular needs.


    Mentoplasty is very useful when patients need a larger augmentation. The great advantage of this technique is that the chin can be adapted to three axes: either forward or backwards, or to gain or lose height and reduce lateralities.
    This technique is also reversible and once the bone has been shaped, it does not require prosthetic implant material. With the augmentation, up to 2 cm. from lateral view can be modified, either forward or backwards; that is why this technique is chosen when the augmentation sought is of more than 7 mm. Once the bone has been moved, it is fixed with a titanium plate (Chin Plate) and does not require prosthetic implant material to keep the aesthetic change.

    Whether the jaw protrudes beyond a predetermined imaginary line (prognathism), a reduction mentoplasty can be performed, withdrawing the excess bone and keeping its shape. If, besides the aesthetic problem caused by lack or excess of chin, there is a bite functional pathology (malocclusion); it can be fixed with an orthodontic treatment and an orthognathic surgery, which involves repositioning the jaw in the desired alignment.

    The Cephalometric Radiograph, among other simultation programmes, are very useful tools used during the consulation.