Private Hospitals

Where are the surgeries performed?

We strongly believe the Rhinoplasty procedure has to be performed in surgical centers: Clinics, Hospitals. We do not perform such surgeries in doctor’s offices. This procedure is always performed in multispecialty health centers.

Rinoplastia Dr. Chinski - Anestesia

In which Hospitals do we work?

The Private Hospitals where we usually perform surgeries are:

  • Sanatorio Otamendi
  • Clinica Bazterrica
  • Sanatorio de la Trinidad
  • Sanatorio de la Providencia
  • Sanatorio Anchorena
  • Sanatorio Los Arcos
  • Instituto Quirúrgico del Callao
  • Clínica Virreyes
  • Other Centers in Buenos Aires

  • Why are these centers chosen?

    The aforementioned centers have:

  • Health facilities: Ambulatory surgery beds, operating tables, radiology lab diagnosis center, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and all the specialists required for the postoperative control.
  • Operating rooms with cutting-edge technology.
  • Qualified staff for the supervision of the patient (nurses, administrative employees, circulating nurses, hospital porters, etc.)
  • These facilities guarantee the surgical patient safety: Adults and Pediatric Intensive Care. Consultations for all specialties, night and daily ward. Even though rhinoplasty is a procedure that does not require any of these, their availability is essential to guarantee patients’ safety.
  • Cardiac monitoring by a specialized cardiologist for all the procedures.

  • On which basis is the Private Hospital selected?

    On which basis is the Private Hospital selected?

  • Health Insurance Plan
  • Patient’s Preference
  • Surgeon’s Preference