Primary Rhinoplasty

What is the ultimate goal of a Rhinoplasty?

Our main objectives in the Cosmetic Surgery of the Nose (Rhinoplasty) are:

  • To have the nose balanced with the other facial structures
  • To strive for a natural look.
  • To keep or enhance the breathing function
  • To meet the patient’s esthetic needs as far as possible
  • To achieve a natural result (it is important not to realize the patient has undergone rhinoplasty)
  • To advise the patient on the necessary changes from the professional point of view.

    In order to achieve these results,a thorough knowledge and a special expertise in the function and aesthetics of the nose is required.


    This procedure has to be performed by a specialist in aesthetic and nasal function. To strive for a natural look and to have the nose balanced with other facial structures require a great deal of knowledge and expertise.


    Rhinoplasty is known to be one of the most difficult procedures in facial plastic surgery. For instance, when the dorsal hump is reduced, we avoid over reducing it so as to strike a balance between dorsum and nose tip. When dealing with bulbous nose tips we avoid excessive removal of supporting structures which result in “surgical look”


    These surgical procedures are approximately performed in two hours average. Only a few minutes are needed to reshape or modify the nose; however, so as to make the nose look as natural as possible, we need more time to preserve the nasal structure and prevent the surgical stigmas.


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