Droopy Nasal Tip

In many rhinoplasty cases, patients present droopy nasal tip. This feature can be attributable to natural causes or aging. A drooping tip can lead to a harsh and aged appearance.

Sometimes, there is lack of support in the nose, the tip begins to sag and point downwards. This weakness in the nasal tip can lead to a future droopy nasal tip or an anesthetic appearance unless measures are taken to strengthen it. You can check whether your nose tip is weak by just pressing it with your index finger and seeing how much resistance it offers.

By elevating a drooping tip to the appropriate position and adding support, we can bring the tip back up and prevent it from dropping back down.

After the surgical procedure, there is a significant change in the face of the patient. The ultimate goal is to achieve a natural result, to have the nose balanced with the patient’s features, providing a younger appearance.

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